Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 9, second day on the Fat Bastard, still liking the ride...

May 8, day one testing out the Fat Bastard. Well got it out today at both first and second. I have to say I WANT ONE.
WHat a fun and kick ass board. I catches waves real easily, gets into trim after a few quick pumps. Really fun, even as a kneeboard.

May 3, 7 PM quick hour session at First on the 7'4" (I'm thinking of naming it "Twisted Sister")

April 29, A good session on a 7'4" I picked up back in Deccember, A real smooth hull even though it has a twist to it:

April 26 Met Mr. B had him try the 6'8" while I rode "Don" and "Canis Phallus" A very fun and fast evening. Had one memorable wave after a real late drop.

April 23 First day of large swell, had a bunch of head high waves, even considering the crowd. Mr. S got a shot of me on "Don Panson" as I was forcing a shoulder hopper off the wave.


Worm said...

I really loved riding the fat bastard. it was able to fit into tiny pockets that other hulls wouldn't have. turns incredibly well

Le Vyusher said...

I love fat bastard too. Fastest I've been on anything. That felt good blasting high tide sections, wooooooooooooo!