Saturday, January 23, 2010

6'8" Liddle D-Machine

A 6'8" Liddle based on the "Red Death" board of Steve Krejewski. According to SK this was his most versatile board he owned, and one of the few that were not shaved to a 2" thickness.
This one also has a traction material on the deck that makes it similar to the rough sanded decks found on the 70's boards ridden by the hard core hullers of the era:
Initial paddle out this board has some real get up and go. The traction was amazing, I might end up doing a few more of my boards with the traction.


journeyman said...

where do you get the traction?

john said...

Yater did a few of the textured decks in '68 I believe on his V-bottoms. Even with wax on the deck that textured resin still shredded you.